Grey Wolf Seminar Series (Intermediate) – Self Rescue for the Range and Street

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September 15, 2024

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Grey Wolf Consulting - Directions Provided With Registration.

Designed specifically for anyone who carries a firearm, be that a law enforcement officer, security officer or private citizen.

This one-day training seminar focuses on the application of both a combat pressure bandage and tourniquet which should be added to every shooters “EDC” (Every Day Carry) load-out. The techniques and skills obtained with this program can be used on either the participant or another person and will assist in being able to continue the fight until help arrives.

Some of the core topics of this program focus on include:

  • The effects of a projectile on living tissue
  • Recognizing Venous vs. Arterial hemorrhage and the dangers associated with each
  • Basic anatomy of the human circulatory system and the 10 application points where a tourniquet may be applied
  • Types of tourniquets currently available and choosing the correct equipment
  • Application of both a tourniquet and pressure bandage on yourself or another
  • What to expect from the use of a tourniquet on yourself
  • Continuing the fight after the bleeding is controlled
  • Live Fire Drills

Broken into the following 3 phases, Classroom Instruction / Discussion, Practical Exercises without live fire and finally Practical Exercises with live fire drills. Upon successful completion of this seminar, the participant will receive a certificate of completion from Grey Wolf Consulting, LLC and will have gained the knowledge and skill to properly and effectively use these life saving devices within a violent confrontation.

This seminar will be conducted by a senior staff or adjunct instructor of Grey Wolf Consulting, LLC and involves live fire exercises which will require the participant to demonstrate competence and safety with a firearm at all times. Additionally the participant will be required the to provide their own firearm (Limited Rentals Available) and 100 – 150 rnds of ammunition.

For additional information, please contact us at: or 203.952.7815

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  • September 15, 2024 09:00   -   17:00