Reference Library and Downloads

Welcome to the Reference Library of Grey Wolf Consulting. Within this section of our website, you will find two sections with information which will be of use or interest to our visitors.

The first section is our Document Download section where we post information specific to the training course / programs we offer, while the second section is our Training Articles section where we post articles related to firearms training and other topics of interest to our visitors.

Document Downloads

Title Description Download
*NEW* News Release - Expansion Grey Wolf Consulting announces its expansion with the acquisition of a long-term land lease located in Central Connecticut. Download
*NEW* News Release - 100+ yd Range Installation Grey Wolf Consulting announces the installation of its 100+ yd training range. Download
*NEW* News Release - Portable Onsite Classroom Acquisition Grey Wolf Consulting announces that a portable trailer has been acquired and is being converted into a onsite classroom. Download
*NEW* News Release - Portable Onsite Classroom Deployment Grey Wolf Consulting has announced the completed conversion and deployment of its portable onsite classroom. Download
*NEW* News Release - Facility Rentals Available Grey Wolf Consulting announces the availability of its facilities to outside instructors or other private parties. Download
*NEW* News Release - Dedicated CT. Pistol Permit Certification Range Installation Grey Wolf Consulting announces the expansion and installation of its dedicated CT. Pistol Permit training range. Download
Student Registration Form - Fillable This form is required to be completed and returned to a minimum of 48 hours prior to their scheduled class date. Download

Training Articles

Title Description Download
Accidental vs. Negligent Firearm Discharges. This article provides an explanation of the types of discharges which occur with firearms specifically Accidental and Negligent Discharges. Download
Understanding the Immediate Threat. This article explores the Immediate Threat Principle and Concept as they relate to personal security and defense. Download
Individual First Aid Kits - IFAK's This article explores not only what is contained within an IFAK but also why anyone who carries a sidearm should carry one as well. Download