Reference Library and Downloads

Welcome to the Reference Library of Grey Wolf Consulting. Within this section of our website, you will find two sections with information which will be of use or interest to our visitors.

The first section is our Document Download section where we post information specific to the training course / programs we offer, while the second section is our Training Articles section where we post articles related to firearms training and other topics of interest to our visitors.

Document Downloads

Title Description Download
Student Checklist This PDF document provides a listing of both recommended and required gear and equipment for the students of Grey Wolf Consulting, LLC. Download
United States Federal Law Related to Interstate Firearms Transport This document provides the US Federal Law as it relates to the Insterstate Transportation of Firearms. Download
State of Connecticut Firearms Law Reference Guide - 2012 This document is a compilation of State and Federal laws applicable to the administration of firearms laws by State and local law enforcement authorities in the State of Connecticut. Download

Training Articles

Title Description Download
*NEW* AD's vs. ND's This article looks at the causes and differences between Accidental and Negligent Discharges. Download
*NEW* The Immediate Threat This article looks at the Immediate Threat Concept / Response and the 21' Rule. Download
Panic Firing Equals a Bad Idea. This article looks at the technique known as "Panic Firing" and the dangers associated with it. Download
The Role of the Police and Your Personal Security This article looks at the role of the police and the ultimate responsibility for personal security. Download
The O.E.T. System of CQB Engagements This article provides a brief overview of the O.E.T. System of CQB Engagements. Developed by: Brian S. Williams Download