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cleaning kit - grey wolf consulting - range kit

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Cleaning Kits for the Range

Maintaining the optimal performance of your firearms is of utmost importance. It’s crucial to have a well-equipped cleaning kit at your disposal. This kit needs to be versatile enough to handle a wide range of potential scenarios that may arise during the operation of your firearms. You can clear a squib or handle issues that can lead to a weapon malfunction. These failure situations can occur whether you’re at the shooting range, in the comfort of your home, or out on a hunting expedition. Having a properly equipped maintenance kit will make sure that you are ready regardless.

Knowing what weapons I carry will help you understand my kit build-out. My heaters include the Sig Sauer P320 AXG Carry, AXG Legion, and a Carbine with a 12.5-inch barrel and LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic). Additionally, my sidearms are equipped with red dot optics, while the AR boasts a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24 FFP LPVO. With this comprehensive cleaning kit setup, I’m always prepared to tackle any firearms maintenance or troubleshooting. A thorough cleaning kit is the best way to ensure that your firearms remain in top-notch condition for optimal performance.

cleaning kit - grey wolf consulting - range kitfix it sticks - grey wolf consulting - cleaning kit - range kit

Cleaning Kit loadout:


    •  Canvas Tote Bag: This spacious bag measures 12×6″ and provides ample room for all your essentials without compromising their condition.
    •  Cleaning Rods: A complete set of steel cleaning rods and a specialized brass cleaning rod for squib removal, ensuring thorough and safe cleaning.
    •  Flannel Patches: Perfect for the final cleaning and oiling of rifling, effective for removing carbon deposits and maintaining optimal performance.
    •  Caliber-Specific Bore Snakes: When time is of the essence, these bore snakes offer a convenient all-in-one solution for quick cleaning and oiling of the barrel.
    •  Bore Brushes: Be prepared for any level of fouling with a selection of bore brushes for all rifle and pistol calibers, ensuring a thorough cleaning of the barrel and chamber.
    •  Silicone Cloth: Keep your firearms clean and dry with this versatile cloth that can also be used for organizing small parts.
    •  Oil: Carry both a lubricant and CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant) to keep your weapon well-maintained and functioning smoothly.
    •  Hoppes #9: Not only a reliable weapon scrubber, but it also doubles as an air freshener. Make sure you have your gear clean and smelling fresh.


    •  Scope Level: When making adjustments to your rifle optic or LPVO,  your scope level is going to be indispensable for ensuring proper alignment and accuracy.
    •  Sharpies: A must-have tool for various purposes, whether it’s marking a TQ, fixing a scratched AR finish, or indicating holes on a target. It’s always handy to have a Sharpie around.
    •  Tool Set: Don’t settle for anything less than Fix-It sticks. This kit includes an in-lb torque wrench, T-handle, bit set, blue Loctite, red dot tools, and a selection of Allen wrenches. This compact and versatile set can handle any task.
    •  Goon Tape: The ultimate cloth tape that offers extra grip when needed. Goon Tape can even be used for wrapping wounds in emergencies and even serves as a reliable tool for .
    •  Allen Keys: With screws becoming ubiquitous, it’s essential to have a variety of Allen Keys to fit all of the screws on your weapons.
    •  Mini Pin Punches: Carrying three small pin punches allows for easy adjustment, replacement, or maneuvering of pins on any platform.

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