An expert witness is a person whose opinion by virtue of education, training, certification, skills or experience, is accepted by the judge or other official as an expert within a specific topic area connected with civil, criminal or administrative proceedings. The judge or other official may consider the witness’s specialized knowledge or opinion about evidence or facts presented before the court within the expert’s area of expertise. This is referred to as an “Expert Opinion”.

Grey Wolf Consulting offers the services of an expert witness within matters related to:

  • The Escalation / De-Escalation and Judgmental of Use of Physical Force
  • Firearms Safety / Handling (Accidental vs. Negligent Discharges)
  • Professional Firearms Training / Instructional Standards
  • Professional Firearms Training Development / Industry Best Practices
  • Resources available to address other specialized circumstances as required

For additional information on this service, please contact the Special Services Division of Grey Wolf Consulting at