Custom Tailored Training Solutions

Private Sector:

Grey Wolf Consulting recognizes that the individual needs of each student will vary and that time / financial resources are often at a premium. To this end, Grey Wolf Consulting strives to provide custom tailored training programs for our clients to meet their needs, goals and objectives while not spending excessive time on topic areas they already maintain a proficiency in. (For example: Generally within a standard training course, approximately 1.5 – 2 hours will be devoted the technique of drawing a weapon from its holster! Now, if the student under our Custom Training Program comes to us with a current knowledge of this technique, we can usually reduce the amount of time we need to spend on this topic by 50% or more, allowing us to then move on to other topic areas, thereby increasing the amount of training within areas where the participant may not be as knowledgeable in without an increase in training costs.)

Law Enforcement / Specialized Security and Military Sectors:

Grey Wolf Consulting recognizes that many agency instructors are often limited by budget constraints and time, which prohibits them from continually being able to update their skills. This is why we offer a service identified as our “Cooperative Training Service” or CTS.

When you use this service, experienced Grey Wolf Consulting instructors who continually maintain and update their skills and training with the latest tactics and techniques will work in direct collaboration with your agency instructors in both the development and application of the requested training programs and solutions. Under our CTS service we will meet with your agency instructor and assist in the development of a curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of the agency, followed by providing direct assistance with the training course and all range activities. This solution is available with live fire, virtual fire or a combination of both at an agencies training facility or at one our training areas.