Grey Wolf Consulting's : Training Development Group (TDG)

The Grey Wolf Training Development Group (TDG)

Does this Sound Familiar?

You recently obtained your CCW Pistol permit, but you’re feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. When you go to public ranges, all you’re allowed to do is slow fire and you can’t practice any defensive training. It can be a lonely experience, with no one to share it with. There’s no need to keep searching, because we have the solution! Grey Wolf Consulting’s Training Development Group (TDG) is here to change everything for you. 

This group was specifically created for shooters who want to expand their defensive capabilities. Every month, a collective of like-minded individuals will come together for a 3-hour training session led by Grey Wolf’s experienced instructors. This session will include discussions, firearms training, movement drills, and live fire exercises. By joining this group, you will have access to multiple communication platforms and the instructors will be available to mentor you both on and off the firing line. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to form new relationships with other like-minded individuals, building a strong training cadre. The Training Development Group (TDG) will allow you to advance your skills without the fear of being kicked off the line for practicing more advanced training methods. Our skilled instructors will maintain a safe firing line while teaching you advanced shooting techniques such as Bill Drills, Hammers, Controlled Pairs, Off the ‘X’, Emergency Reloads, 5 Point Draw, and other drills that are not allowed at public ranges.


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Training Development Group (TDG) Pricing:

The purpose of the Training Development Group is to offer exceptional firearm training with personalized instruction from experienced Grey Wolf Instructors. Grey Wolf recognizes the importance of affordability for individuals just starting out in their training journey. That’s why for a small increase in cost compared to a single hour of range time at a public facility, you can have access to all the additional benefits provided by the Training Development Group. 


Membership options are available as follows:


 Option 1: Join the TDG with a monthly membership at a rate of $75 with no commitments. Each session will be paid for each month. The TDG session groups are capped at a limit of 8 students per group. IF YOU CHOOSE OPTION 1 –  your spot in the group is not guaranteed month to month. 


Option 2:  This is a 6-month commitment to yourself and the group. The rate for this membership is $60 per month (total=360$ per 6 months). Payments can be made monthly or all at once. Your 6-month commitment will come with additional benefits. Your initial commitment will come with a Grey Welf Velcro-backed patch for your gear or gun bags. When you re-up for your second six months, you will receive a Grey Wolf hat! On top of the above, you will hold a spot in the group during the duration of your contract. 

Training Development Group (TDG) Benefits include (but not limited to) :

Your journey within the Training Development Group will establish a group of team members that you can grow and count on. Each session will cover a discussion session and live-fire training. The sessions will close out with the Training Development Group (TDG) members offering up training options for the next session. Some additional content is called out below: 


Communication Platforms : 

  • Signal 
  • Discord

Discussion Group Topics :

  • Firearms Selection
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Gear and accessories
  • First and Trauma considerations
  • Free USCCA-certified seminars. 
  • Student-led discussion
  • CT Specific legal use of force discussion

Live Fire training and exercise:

  • Propper physical exercise and shooting under duress 
  • Training drills you can’t do at public ranges
  • Holster draw drills
  • Flash sight picture vs Target Focused vs Target shooting
  • Cut the pie drill
  • Shooting on the move
  • Emergency Reload
  • Failure Clearing
  • Cover vs Concealment

What Do I need to bring with me to the Training Development Group (TDG)? 


Each student will be responsible for  the following : 

  • Paid membership option. 
  • Centerfire pistol : Semi-Automatic – 9mm or larger caliber 
    • Grey Wolf will be able to provide a rental firearm and holster in the event you have not purchased one yet. It will be a Glock or Springfield XD platform. The cost will be 35$ per session. 
  • 3 magazines – Minimum (a belt-mounted magazine carrier)
  • Everyday Carry Belt
  • Close-toed shoes, Pants, seasonally appropriate shirt, and outerwear.
  • Reputable Holster our of the waistband (OWB) holster made for your specific firearm : 
    • uncle mikes, pocket holsters, Shoulder holsters, and 6 o’clock carry holsters not allowed. 
    • IWB holsters will be trained with, only after progressive training with OWB holsters. The program carries an emphasis on safety and progression. 
  • 300 rounds of ammunition per session – Recommended
  • Rain Gear
  • Bug Spray
  • Notepad and Pen
  • An open mind and inclusive attitude.

    Knowledge - Integrity - Discretion - Honor