What is the Mobile Training Unit?

The Mobile Training Unit (MTU) at Grey Wolf Consulting is a specially assembled cadre of instructors. Our instructors maintain expertise in various tactical / combat doctrines and methodologies, which Grey Wolf Consulting designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, the military, specialized security, and the private sector. Additionally, Grey Wolf’s mobile training team is prepared to provide all of our standard training solutions or our custom training solutions, either at our training facilities or at your training area with our new Mobile Training Unit.


This new training unit allows Grey Wolf to provide students and clients alike with a clean and safe environment for classroom training. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or 100 degrees outside. Grey Wolf will provide you with a comfortable training and learning environment.

The Mobile Training Unit Trailer offers new amenities as follows:

  • Updated presentation technology- The MTU has a newly updated laptop and a large presentation screen.
  • Projector – for a larger audience, Grey Wolf can deploy the projector.
  • Printing services – Grey Wolf can print certifications and materials on the fly to handle class needs.
  • Ample Seating – The MTU has ample seating for all students. Seating can accommodate students in full kit gear as well.
  • Climate Control – The MTU has a fast heating propane heat source for the cold months. In the summer, we can quickly cool students off with our oversized air conditioner.
  • Refreshments – Grey Wolf provides water, coffee, and hot cocoa
  • Medical Training Supplies – The MTU can handle classroom training preceding live fire training and medical trauma care.

Grey Wolf Consulting is constantly improving its training capabilities. The MTU is just one of the latest updates to our training offerings to help meet any training challenge you may have.