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Grey Wolf Consulting's : Connecticut Security Guard Blue Card Prep Class

Grey Wolf Consulting – Connecticut Blue Card Preparatory Class.

Are you just starting on your Security Guard journey?

You decided to start your journey into the field of becoming an armed security guard. We hear it all the time, “What do I do and where do I start!?” Here at Grey Wolf, we have painstakingly demystified the entire process for you. Your CCW permit is freshly minted, and you bought your first firearm. Let us guide you through the rest of this process and help you build the skill set required for shooting proficiency needed for the guard card certification.

Our Senior staff will walk you through the guard card shooting qualification. We will teach you the fundamentals needed to be able to successfully pass the shooting qualifications of the State of Connecticut Guard Card certification.


CT DESPP Security Guard Blue Card Information

Blue Card Prep Class Pricing:

The purpose of the Blue Card Prep Class is to offer exceptional firearm training with personalized instruction from experienced Grey Wolf Instructors. Grey Wolf recognizes the importance of affordability for individuals just starting out in their training journey. That’s why for a small increase in cost compared to a single hour of range time at a public facility, you can train the way you need to, to pass the Blue Card Certification*.



Connecticut Guard Card Prep Class Cost: 100$



* This class is intended to be taken before our Connecticut Security Guard Blue Card Class. This class does NOT include your Blue Card certification.

CT Blue Card Prep Class Overview :

Your Training under the Blue Card Prep Class will cover – but is not limited to: 

  • Safety & Handling
  • Drawing a Handgun From The Holster
  • Reloads / Stoppage Clearing Methods
  • Controlled Pairs vs. Hammers
  • Failure to Stop Drills
  • One Hand Shooting
  • Understanding The Differences and Proper Use of Cover / Concealment
  • Shot Placement and The Effects of a Projectile On Living Tissues
  • Simulated Qualification Course of Fire


What Do I need to bring with me to the CT Blue Card Prep Class? 


Each student will be responsible for  the following : 

  • Centerfire pistol : Semi-Automatic – 9mm or larger caliber 
    • Grey Wolf will be able to provide a rental firearm and holster in the event you have not purchased one yet. It will be a Glock or Springfield XD platform. The cost will be 35$ per session. 
  • 3 magazines – Minimum (a belt-mounted magazine carrier)
  • Everyday Carry Belt
  • Close-toed shoes, Pants, seasonally appropriate shirt, and outerwear.
  • Reputable Holster our of the waistband (OWB) holster made for your specific firearm : 
    • uncle mikes, pocket holsters, Shoulder holsters, and 6 o’clock carry holsters not allowed. 
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Rain Gear
  • Bug Spray
  • Notepad and Pen
  • An open mind and inclusive attitude.

    Knowledge - Integrity - Discretion - Honor

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