Grey Wolf Consulting Staff

Grey Wolf Consulting’s tenured staff is comprised of instructors and mentors from all walks of life. Our staff continuously trains to exceed the needs of our clients. We provide training on all levels, with expert staff on hand for every topic. Meet the staff below.

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Grey Wolf Staff : Senior Instructors

Brian S. Williams

Brian Scott Williams who is the Founder and President of Grey Wolf Consulting, with nearly 34 years of combined experience in law enforcement, close security consulting, and as a professional trainer and instructor in weapons and tactics, has authored “Welcome to the Real World, A Dangerous Place to be Caught Unprepared!” and is the creator of the The O.E.T. System™ for C.Q.B. Engagements. In 1995 he received a commendation for bravery from the Lake Housatonic Authority Marine Police and in November of 2000 was accepted to the Connecticut State Police Firearms Advisory Council.

As a certified NRA training counselor and law enforcement instructor, Brian is also certified by the State of Connecticut as a Basic Criminal Justice Instructor and Law Enforcement / Security Firearms Instructor. He has received training within multiple disciplines including instructor level programs through The Heckler & Koch International Training Division, Sig Sauer Academy, DEF-TEC Law Enforcement Training Division, and other sources. He is a certified N.A.U.I. Master Level Scuba Diver in underwater rescue techniques, a former Emergency Medical Technician in the State of Connecticut, and served for 18 months as a chief training officer for a local volunteer ambulance corp, with responsibilities that included the design and implementation of training programs for corp personnel.

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Neil Gesuero

Neil has been a senior staff instructor with Grey Wolf Consulting since its creation. Previously, Neil was a senior staff instructor with Williams Associates Protective Services which was the forerunner of Grey Wolf. A Patron Life Member of the National Rifle Association, Neil is certified as an instructor through the National Rifle Association in the Basic Pistol, Personal Protection Inside of the Home, Home Firearms Safety, and “Refuse to be a Victim” disciplines. Additionally, Neil is certified through Grey Wolf as the first O.E.T. System Instructor ever certified.

With nearly a decade of experience as an instructor, Neil is recognized as the company’s “Revolver Expert” and provides the clients of Grey Wolf with basic to midrange firearms marksmanship and defensive tactics instruction as well as assisting with many of the more advanced training programs provided.

With twelve years of experience in tactical firearms deployment, Neil continually trains and updates his training through training with other senior personnel of Grey Wolf and other industry-respected instructors.

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Grey Wolf Staff : Instructors

Eric Valli

Instructor Valli Headshot Grey Wolf Instructor

Eric is a passionate firearms instructor with an unwavering commitment to safety and empowerment. With an impressive 20 years of shooting experience under his belt, he has honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the art of firearms and defensive training. As a USCCA-certified instructor, he strives to inspire and educate individuals on responsible gun ownership and defensive shooting. He continuously seeks out new training opportunities, to constantly improve his skill set and teaching acumen.

His journey began with a profound respect for firearms and a desire to share his knowledge with others. Through his engaging teaching style, he aims (pun intended) to instill confidence and proficiency in every student he encounters. Safety is at the forefront of my instruction, ensuring that individuals not only become skilled shooters but also responsible guardians of their own protection.

Eric firmly believes that knowledge is power, and he is dedicated to empowering others through shooting, defensive tactics, bushcraft and survival skills, land navigation, and medical training. Eric will help you unlock your potential and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and defensive training

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Neal Kirk

Instructor Kirk, Grey wolf staff

Neal, a USCCA Certified Instructor at Grey Wolf Consulting, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. With a background in coaching from his time at Nike and as a personal trainer, Neal has honed his skills in guiding and instructing others. His passion for firearms began at a young age, leading him to develop a deep respect for them and a strong understanding of their handling.

Under the guidance of Grey Wolf Consulting’s Senior Staff Instructor Brian Williams, Neal has further enhanced his firearms skills in 2021. This experience has instilled in him a profound appreciation for guided firearms instruction and a dedication to sharing his knowledge with others. With his instructor certification, extensive firearms background, and diverse skill sets, Neal has made it his mission to ensure that his students feel confident in their abilities. Neal firmly believes that firearms training is essential for every gun owner. He fosters an inclusive environment that welcomes new shooters, experienced individuals, and even those who may be unsure about gun ownership.

As part of our instructor team, Neal will assist anyone who wishes to explore the meaning of gun ownership. He provides valuable guidance to new firearms owners, helping them obtain their ccw permits. Under his training, students will understand the importance of practicing and training safely in all aspects of firearms.

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Knowledge - Integrity - Discretion - Honor