Consulting and Guest Speaker Services

Grey Wolf Consulting Services

A Consultant is defined as “An individual who provides expert advice within a specific area of specialization, based upon experience and knowledge related to a specific topic area.”

Grey Wolf Consulting provides our services as consultants to assist our clients within the following areas of the firearms and training industries.

  • Firearms Training Business Development
  • Individual Firearms Instructor Development
  • New Firearms Training Course Development
  • Existing Firearms Training Course Evaluations
  • More

Grey Wolf Consulting is prepared to provide the expert consulting services necessary to assist our clients with the development of their businesses based on our years experience within the firearms, training, security and law enforcement communities.

For additional information on consulting and guest speaker services, please contact the Consulting Services Division of Grey Wolf Consulting at 203.952.7815

Grey Wolf Consulting Guest Speaker / Lecturer Services

Grey Wolf Consulting offers our services as guest speakers / lecturers for special events on topics including.

  • The Development of Situational Awareness Skills
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement After a Shooting
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement During a Vehicle Stop
  • Selection of a Firearm for Home or Personal Security
  • Recognizing and Reacting To Active Shooter Events
  • More

The Instructors and Staff (Senior and Adjunct) of Grey Wolf Consulting maintain on average a minimum of 15 years of actual experience within their respective specialties and are available to speak either as Guest / Keynote Speakers or Lecturers at your next event or gathering.

For additional information on this service, please contact the Consulting Services Division of Grey Wolf Consulting at 203.952.7815


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