Where are your courses offered?

Grey Wolf Consulting maintains a lease on approximately 150 acres of land located in Central CT. where the majority of our more complex programs are conducted. In addition to this location however, we also maintain agreements with indoor / outdoor facilities located in and throughout the State of Connecticut.

Do you provide training to private citizens as well as security, law enforcement, and military personnel?

Yes. Grey Wolf Consulting has tried very hard to balance our training programs to meet the needs of both the general public as well as the law enforcement, security, and military communities. In most cases, the same course material is provided for both the open enrollment courses or restricted programs with only limited and select elements removed which have no lawful nor practical purpose for the average individual to engage in.

Are the credentials of the Grey Wolf Consulting, instructor staff available for inspection?

Yes. Any client who wishes to review the credentials of any training staff member (Senior or Adjunct) may do so provided they submit the request in writing stating the reason for the inquiry and are willing to schedule a meeting with a senior staff member to review the documents. Note: These documents are NOT released and are only available for viewing in the presence of a senior staff member.

Are all of your training staff certified as instructors through recognized organizations?

Yes. All training staff members are required to be certified through the National Rifle Association of America in addition to any other instructor certifications they may hold. Additionally, no member of the training staff has less than 5 years of either teaching or field experience. Note: In some cases, we will provide some of the instructor / training staff who may have less than the above stated 5 year experience who we have certified the opportunity to work with our clients under the direct supervision of either a senior or authorized adjunct staff member.

Do you sell ammunition?

Yes, we have ammunition and other equipment available for purchase by our students and clients at discounted prices.

Do you sell the targets that you use in the Grey Wolf Consulting training programs?

Yes. Please contact the Training Division for more details.

What should I wear for my course?

For all programs conducted in Connecticut, casual attire (i.e. jeans, etc.) are recommended. For programs conducted in New Hampshire, recommendations will be made based upon the season.

Do you sell guns?

Not at this time. However we do have ongoing relationships with several area dealers who will ship your purchase to an FFL in your area if need for a nominal fee.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Yes. Dependant upon the course or program, Grey Wolf Consulting will provide a certificate of completion upon successful completion.

Do you shoot when it is raining?

Generally the answer to this question is yes. For programs conducted at one of the indoor facilities this is not an issue, however for the programs conducted either at our facilities located in Connecticut or New Hampshire, arrangements are typically made to address severely inclement weather.

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate for training or targets?

Yes, please contact our offices at 203.924.1784

What is your normal instructor/student ratio?

Typically our Instructor to Student ratio is: 1 Instructor to 5 Students, however we do not generally limit our class sizes and are prepared to bring in additional instructor personnel when necessary.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Does Grey Wolf Consulting offer financing for any of their courses?

Yes. Please contact the training division for additional information.

How many participants do you require to run a training course?

All group courses through Grey Wolf Consulting require a minimum of 5 participants to run. However we do offer virtually all of our training courses on a private basis by appointment.

If I register for a course or make a purchase through your store online, will my information be secure?

Yes. We use a “Double Security” protocol for all transactions completed through our website. The first is standard SSL encryption which secures the data prior to being sent, followed by a second layer of protection once the information reaches our servers.

Do you provide "Hand-Out" materials to students during your classes?

Yes. Dependant upon the class, all students receive reference guides for use during the program and after.

The preceding are the most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us in Connecticut at: info@greywolfconsulting.us with any questions which are not answered here.