Grey Wolf Consulting provides professional specialized custom tactical firearms training and consulting services to military, law enforcement, specialized security, and private citizens.
Our Offices:
With offices located in East Hampton, CT, Grey Wolf also operates and maintains a Mobile Training Unit (MTU) which is designed to enable us to provide our services either at our facilities or those of our clients.
Our Training:
Our training methodology includes what is known as a building block approach, where the topic areas, skills, and stresses are all gradually elevated providing our clients and students with a higher skill retention rate.
Although we endeavor to provide the most current and realistic training currently available, we maintain an asymmetrical approach within our programs and courses with an emphasis on safety.
Our Staff:
Grey Wolf recognizes that as a custom training consultancy, there will be specific training disciplines that are outside of the main operational scope of the senior staff. Thus Grey Wolf maintains active relationships with multiple “Adjunct” trainers and instructors who are brought in as needed to conduct training programs that require their specialties whenever possible.


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