Tactical Semi-Automatic Rifle – 2.5 Days


Standard Group Tuition – $495.00 + ammunition
Private Instruction – Call + ammunition
Private Group Instruction – Call + ammunition

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As many individuals select long-arms including the M4 Style rifles platform, the need for training is increased. Grey Wolf Consulting has developed this 2 – day course of instruction specifically to meet the needs of these individuals to gain the most out of their weapon.

(Note: While designed for the M4 platform, this program can be utilized with similar rifles which are not the M4 configuration.)

Some of the core elements of this program include: Operator Assembly, Disassembly & General Maintenance of the M4 Style Weapons Platform, Weapon Zeroing, The 5-Point Draw, Principles of Combat Marksmanship, Engagement of Multiple Threats, Transitioning and One Hand Firing, Transitioning Between The Long-arm and Sidearm, Reloads / Stoppage Clearing, Utilization of Cover and Concealment, Ammunition Selection and The Effects of Ammunition on Living Tissues..

For additional information, please contact us at: or 203.952.7815

Instructor: Brian S. Williams

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