The Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle – 2 Days


Standard Group Tuition – $375.00 + ammunition
Private Instruction – Call + ammunition
Private Group Instruction – Call + ammunition

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As many agencies retire or otherwise transion away from the 12ga. shotgun and replace thier longarms with M4 Style rifles, the need for training within this platform is increased. Grey Wolf Consulting has developed this 2 – day course of instruction specifically to meet the needs of these individuals to gain the most out of their weapon.

(Note: While designed for the M4 platform, this program can be utilized with similar rifles which are not the M4 configuration.)

Some of the core elements of this program include: Operator Assembly, Disassembly & General Maintenance of the M4 Style Weapons Platform, Weapon Zeroing, The 5-Point Draw, Principles of Combat Marksmanship, Flashlight Utilization and Reduced Light Environments, Engagement of Multiple Threats, Transitioning and One Hand Firing, Transitioning Between The Longarm and Pistol, Ammunition Selection and Overview of Ammunition Effects.

Duration: 2 Days

Ammunition: 800 rds – Rifle / 200 rnds Pistol

Equipment Required: Wrap Around Eye and Ear protection, Full Duty Gear, Duty Weapon, 3 Magazines, M4 or Similar Patrol Rifle, 3 Magazines, Flashlight, Inclement Weather Gear, Body Armor, Note Taking Materials

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Instructor: Brian S. Williams

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