*NEW* Grey Wolf Seminar Series (Intermediate) – Introduction to Low Light / Flashlight Shooting Skill Development – 1 Day


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An often under trained in and certainly under practiced shooting skill is the shooting within a low light environment or the use of a flashlight while shooting. Unfortunately however, the vast majority of situations where a personal firearm is most likely to be needed or used will be within a reduced light environment.

This program begins with classroom instruction and then moves out the the range at dusk.

Some of the core elements of this program of instruction include:

  • Safety Considerations Related To Low Light Shooting
  • Target Identification / Acquisition
  • The Principles of Combat Marksmanship
  • The Effects of Light / Darkness & Muzzle Flash on The Human Eye
  • Selecting A Tactical Flashlight
  • Target Acquisition / Identification Within Reduced Light Environments
  • Methods of Handheld Flashlight Deployments
  • Mounted vs. Hanheld Flashlights
  • Primary Flashlight Applications
  • Principles of Low Light Tactics and Techniques
  • More

Required Equipment:

  • Primary Handgun (9mm or Above Calibers Only)
  • Secondary Handgun Recommended In Case Of Catastrophic Failure Of Primary
  • 4 Magazines (8 Recommended) / 4 Magazines (8 Recommended For Secondary)
  • On The Waist (OTW) Holster (Master Side Only – NO CROSS DRAW)
  • A Sturdy Belt
  • Double On The Waist (OTW) Magazine Pouch
  • A Push Button Actuated Flashlight & Spare Batteries
  • A Backup Push Button Actuated Flashlight & Spare Batteries
  • Closed Toe Footwear, Brimmed Hat, Long Sleeve Shirt, Pants (NO SHORTS)
  • Inclement Weather Gear
  • Personal Hydration System (Highly Recommended)
  • Wrap Around Eye / Ear Protection
  • Insect Repellent
  • Note Book (Pocket) and Pen For Note Taking
  • 300 Rnds Ammunition

For additional information, please contact us at: or 203.952.7815

Instructor: Brian S. Williams

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